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BABY NIPPLE THERMOMETER - Monitor your baby in a cute way!



Have you ever struggle to monitor your baby's temperature? With this device, you could do it instantly and continuously. We as a parents need to know all the time whether our baby is safe, its our responsibility after all. Right? This product is really easy to use, just put the baby nipple thermometer inside the baby's mouth, press the on button and a beeper sound will indicate that the temperature test is finished.

We bring you this product so that your life will be easier. If you purchase 2 of this, a portion of our profit will go into charities that takes care of babies. So why not hit 2 birds with one stone 😊

  • Thermometers built in the device. Totally safe and tested. Waterproof and will not harm your baby.
  • Rc-shaped design
  • LCD display, high accuracy and fast response, quickly take temperature and easy to read digital display.
  • Peak-hold and auto shut-off functions.
  • Break-resistant and child-safe prob
  • Suitable for any children that still suck nipples.
  • How to use it? Pretty self explanatory isn't it? 😉

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